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Synchronous - MBP transmission technology

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MBP (Manchester bus powered) transmission technology according to IEC 61158-2 type 1 is used with PROFIBUS-PA. This is the same procedure that is also used with other field buses, such as the Foundation Fieldbus (FF). Despite this, PROFIBUS PA and FF devices cannot be used on the same cable. With MBP, like RS 485, two-core, screened cable is used. However, there are significant differences in the installation technology.


MBP works with current signals on the bus

MBP works with a fixed bit rate of 31.25 kbit/s

MBP can transmit data and supply for field devices on two wires

MBP-IS can also be used in potentially explosive environments (EEx ia/ib IIC).


MBP segments are created with DP/PA couplers or link modules. Each MBP segment can connect up to 32 stations with a distance of up to 1.9 km. With MBP-IS explosion-save installations, however, these values are greatly reduced.