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No master exists on the market with an MBP connection. In practice, all controllers, management systems or engineering stations only have RS 485 connections. To drive field devices with MBP connections, links are therefore required between RS 485 and MBP segments.


These links are created with a DP/PA coupler or DP/PA link. These modules transform RS 485 signals into signals according to MBP. At the same time, these modules also serve as a feed for the MBP segments and if necessary restrict energy to protect against explosions.


Network interfaces DP/PA Coupler and DP/PA Link

Network interfaces DP/PA Coupler and DP/PA Link


On one MBP segment it is possible to connect up to 32 field devices using one cable with a maximum length of 1900 metres. These dimensions are greatly reduced depending on the cable and requirements for explosion prevention.