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FBK_111123__33aA collection of information explaining PROFIBUS networks compiled by Max Felser


In the last 20 years I have been personally involved with PROFIBUS: teaching it at the University, working on projects and leading workshops for industry. During this time, various descriptions and guides to different aspects of PROFIBUS were developed. I was helped in this by the contacts I had with industry and a range of experts in my capacity as chairman of PROFIBUS Switzerland and head of the PROFIBUS Competence Centre (PICC) at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. I have now brought these documents together in the form of a manual. Its purpose is to simplify entry to the world of PROFIBUS for a wider public. Now I generated an electronic book version with active links for the usage on iPad or Android tablet computers.


This manual will give answers to the following questions:



For any first contact with PROFIBUS, I recommend starting with the introduction chapter, which introduces the structure of the PROFIBUS system.


How is PROFIBUS used?

End users will find a step-by-step planning guide and detailed guidelines about PROFIBUS installation.


How does PROFIBUS work?

Experts will find detailed descriptions of the different protocols, including lists and tables with different coding for the different layers of protocols.


How do I get a PROFIBUS Interface?

Developers of the field devices will find some practical hints about the evaluation and dimensions of a PROFIBUS interface.


Although all information and details in this document have been carefully checked, no responsibility can be assumed for any errors in this document or for damage arising from them. Brand names are used in this document with no claim of derivation.



PROFIBUS Manual by Max Felser

Edition 1.2.4 published at Freitag, 25. August 2017

© 2017 Max Felser



Deutsche Version: PROFIBUS Handbuch