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A DP/PA link connects a PROFIBUS-DP network with a PROFIBUS-PA network. The result is two linked networks. The PROFIBUS PA network may consist of numerous MBP segments.


A DP/PA link module behaves like a slave on an RS 485 segment and like a master on the MBP segments. This means that the DP/PA link module has a slave station address on the RS 485 segment and a master station address on the MBP segments.  Via this DP slave address, controllers and engineering stations can then access field devices on the MBP segments.


The MBP segments form a new PROFIBUS network. The addresses in this new PROFIBUS network are independent of all other addresses in other networks, in particular the PROFIBUS network with its RS485 segments. Equally, the RS 485 segment can communicate with a bit rate (e.g. 12 Mbit/s) that is completely different and independent from the fixed bit rate of the MBP segment.  A typical DP/PA link module can be equipped with numerous DP/PA segment couplers to drive several MBP segments.

Network planning with a DP/PA Link

Network planning with a DP/PA Link