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The use of PROFIBUS plugs is recommended for wiring DP/FMS networks. These plugs include special functionalities that allow for reliable operation and fast, robust assembly. These functionalities may comprise:

In-built line termination resistors that can be switched on or off.

Fast, robust connection of signal wires

Large-surface laying of cable shield

Insertions for incoming and outgoing cables

In-built, special inductances for bit rates higher than 1.5 Mbit/s

Cable outlet shut down when the termination resistor is switched on

Additional plug for connecting diagnostic or programming tools


For PROFIBUS networks with RS-485 transmission technology, it is advisable to use a 9-pole D-type plug connector under the IP20 protection class


Terminals may also be used to connect the stations (devices).


Three alternative ways of connecting with RS-485 transmission using the IP65/67 protection class have been provided:

M12 circular connectors according to IEC 947-5-2

HAN-BRID connectors according to DESINA recommendation

Siemens hybrid connectors


The HAN-Brid connector system also includes a version for transmitting data via FOC lines and a 24 Volt operating voltage for peripheral devices via copper cable in one, common hybrid cable.