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Master simulators

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A simulator can be used to simulate the functions of a master in a PROFIBUS. These products replace a master and support the commissioning of a PROFIBUS-DP system when, for example, the controller is not yet available.



Manufacturer - source





PROFIBUS-DP Mastersimulator

Helmholz -


ProfiCaptain is connected via the USB port and ProfiCore hardware. It can be operated with any preferred bit rate. ProfiCoach uses a SIMATIC NET network configuration and hardware. The PROFIBUS-DP Mastersimulator runs across a serial RS-232 port - a USB converter is possible - and only operates at a bit rate of 19.2 kBit/s. All devices  use GSD files to configure an MS0 relationship. ProfiCaptain and ProfiCoach can both send DP-V1 telegrams and the Mastersimulator is also available in a DP-V1 version.


The following products simplify the testing of a product development (see also chapter 6):



Manufacturer - source




itm Munich,


Laboratory for industrial networks,


ProfiScript is a complete tool for function tests by experts. It allows the processing of test scripts for certification purposes. Versions are available for ProfiCore and Siemens PC cards.


PROFIBUS Tester is a powerful, general purpose, PC-based test system for tests during development, type testing and the series testing of intelligent field devices. Test cases can be easily programmed in TCL or C. In addition, any chosen interface cards may be incorporated. The test cases PROFItest-DP and PROFItest-PAMit (approved in the itm test laboratory) plus comprehensive diagnostic capabilities and test logging make PROFIBUS Tester an accredited certification tester for PROFIBUS-DP and PROFIBUS-PA devices. PROFIdrive, PROFIsafe and other PROFIBUS developments are being constantly added, together with graphical test-case descriptions.


PROFItester has been specially developed by the Laboratory for Industrial Networks in Burgdorf. It uses a PC card from Siemens and allows individual telegram to be sent on the PROFIBUS for testing purposes.