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PROFItester was developed by the PROFIBUS Competence Centre at the University of Applied Sciences in Berne in order to perform simple tests with PROFIBUS devices.


This program can be used to simulate the basic functions of a PROFIBUS master and test a PROFIBUS Slave.


MS0: Cyclic slave control:



MS2: Read and write acyclic data:



Batch files to automate processes and log files to document test sequences.

Interface for the display of cyclic PROFIdrive data for monitoring a drive


Use of this software requires a Siemens card and the appropriate drivers to be installed on the PC. The software has been tested with CP5512, CP5611 and CP5412-A2. Operation with CP5613 cannot be guaranteed. PROFItester uses FDL services only: this means that a SIMATIC licence is not required.


This software has not been designed for use in a production setting, but only for testing and training purposes. No liability will be accepted regarding correct function. All risks are the responsibility of the user.



pdf Transparencies

Short set of transparencies explaining the main functions of this tool.

3 pages
192 KB

pdf Mandual

Manual with explanatory notes on this program.

13 pages
422 KB

werkzeug Program

Copy this zip-file to a directory and click to start on  PROFItester.exe

571 KB