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In a GSD file a distinction is drawn between DP slaves with fixed and modular configurations.


DP slave with fixed configuration

In the GSD, a DP slave with a fixed configuration will show the entry


Modular_Station = 0


followed by one or more entries for modules of the type


Module = "module 1" 0x3F   ; 16 inputs and 16 outputs



All modules listed are firmly integrated in the device and the user cannot modify their number or sequence in a fixed configuration.


DP slave with modular configuration

In a modular configuration the maximum number of modules is specified. In addition, the maximum amount of data is defined.


Modular_Station = 1 ; modular station

Max_Module = 4 ; max. 4 modules can be defined

Max_Input_Len = 100 ; maximum length of inputs

Max_Output_Len  = 100 ; maximum length of outputs

Max_Data_Len = 200 ; maximum length of inputs and outputs


The modules listed are a selection and the user can make a specific choice here. In doing so, it is important not to exceed the number of modules, nor the amount of input or output data for the DP slave.


Module = "empty slot" 0x00



Module="2 Bytes Output" 0x21



Module="2 Bytes Input" 0x11



Module="6ES7 322-1BF01-0AA0 8DO" 0x83,0x00,0x00,0x2F,0xC8



This last module can then appear as follows in a configuration tool:


Alternatively, numerous identifiers can also be listed in a module. However, I cannot recommend this, because the assignment takes place of diagnostic messages to the identifiers and not to the modules!


Module="1 Byte Input / 1 Byte Output" 0x10 0x20